The Complete Guide to Taking High-Speed Trains from Paris (2024)

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This video guide will explain the 6 major train stations in Paris, where they are located, which destinations they serve, how long it takes to get there and how much are the tickets for the top domestic & international destinations.


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If you want to take a day trip from Paris or get to your next destination in Europe, you may want to take the train.

The problem is, it can be really confusing to know which station.

So in this video I'll show you what station goes where how long it takes where to buy your tickets and how much it costs to get where you want to go.

Now before we start, let me address flying versus taking the train in Europe.

Most if not all stations in Europe are in the city center.

So you'll leave from the city center and arrive in the city center, which is super convenient.

If you decide to fly you'll need to be at the airport at least one hour before your flight.

And it may take 45 minutes to get to the airport, plus a one hour or an hour and a half flight.

Then another 45 minutes to get to the city center in Europe for most destinations, it's much faster to take the train than to fly plus.


You get to see the countryside and chill foreign stations in Paris.

This gardeno galdeleste Garcia, each servicing a specific area of France and Beyond and I'll cover each station.

So let's go to the biggest and busiest train station in Paris, which is gardener.

This is Gardiner the largest train station in Europe if you're going to London or Amsterdam you'll be leaving from here.

Now, the top domestic destinations from Gardiner are Lil Calais.

And the top International destinations are London, Brussels, Amsterdam and cologne in North Germany.

Now, the cost for a one-way trip to London will vary depending on season.

We will start at 75 Euros to 200 Euros.

And if you want first class, it will be 200 to 450 euros, and it will take approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, but be careful often time there are delays last time we went to London.

It took us five hours now taking a train ride to Leo from Gardena will take approximately one hour on the high-speed tgv train, and it will cost for a one-way regular fare between 20 to 40 euros and 40 to 60 Euros.

If you want to go first class, A train ride to Amsterdam will take approximately three hours on the thales high-speed train service.

Typically a one-way standard class ticket from Paris to Amsterdam could cost between 40 to 80 Euros, depending on the booking date and time.

And for a first class ticket, it will cost you between 70 to 120 euros.

Now, if you want to grab a bite to eat at gardenor, there is Terminus no Brasserie, which is right across the station, which serves all the classic and our favorite cartoon boulangerie with amazing sandwiches and pastries.

Now to get to gardenor, you can take metro line 2, 4 5 and the express train rer line, b, d and e.

And the rer b line is the one that goes to both Charles de Gaulle Airport and orally Airport.

And this is gather list.

This station is going to go to all the cities on the east side of France as well as Germany the top destinations in France from regardless are Nancy, Metz, strasbour France and the top International destination from galilest or Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna in Austria.

Now, a train ride on the tgv to Frankfurt from galilest is going to take you four and a half hours a regular ticket.

One way will cost you between 70 to 150 Euros, depending on the booking time and date.

And if you want to go first class, it's going to cost you between 120 euros to 250 euros now bear in mind that for Germany, you may need a passport.

The train ride to Vienna is going to take you between eight to nine hours from Garda, West and you'll have to change train.

This is not a direct destination.

Now the cost for a train ticket to Vienna for a one-ray regular Affairs is 70 euros to 200 Euros.

And if you want to go first class, it will be a 120 euros to 350 Euros now inside garlic, you will have Starbucks, Paul Mark and Spencer grocery store.

And also in monopree and right outside you'll have all the regular fast food like McDonald, Burger, King and there's, also a bouillon, chartier and lotandicopan, which is a sit-down Bakery now to get to gardales from anywhere in Paris.

You can take metro line.

Number four, five and seven there's, no rer that goes to gardales, but it's, literally walking distance to Garden hours.

So if you're in Garden or and you have a light suitcase, you can certainly make the walk.

And this is gas Salazar, which basically if you're going to take the train to Normandy that's the station and the top domestic destinations for gas, which is delightful little village.

Now, for example, if you want to take a train ride from Salazar to DeVille, it will take around two hours, and it will be on the high speed TVG train.

Now typically a one-way standard ticket for Deauville will cost you between 20 to 40 euros, depending on the booking date and time.

And a one-way first class ticket will cost you between 40 and 60 Euros and a train ride to the city of car, which is for the Normandy beaches will take you two hours and 20 minutes and will cost from 15 to 30 Euros for a single trip ticket.

Now to get to gerstanazal it's fairly easy.

You can take rer, which goes to gardenor.

And you also have metro line, 3 12 13 and 14 that all.

Now this station is fairly centrally located and it's really close to the Opera area in Paris.

Now, Gara Salazar has tons of places where you can grab a bite to eat before getting on the train, both inside and outside outside you'll find fast food like Burger, King KFC and as well as a couple Supermarket like car, food, frampery.

And inside there is the barasri Lazar, Pierre, Herme, LA, durre and monopri for last minute purchases.

And this is if you're going to Brittany Bordeaux or bierrez.

This is the train station you'll be leaving from now montparnas is located in the southern part of Paris.

And the closest attraction to it is the top domestic destinations are all cities in Boateng, including samalo, not Baldo bierrits and lourd.

Now, a train ride to samalo from Gamo panas will typically take about three and a half hours on a ggv train.

And the journey is direct a one-way standard class ticket will cost you between 30 to 70 euros.

And a one-way first class ticket could cost between 50 to 100 euros a train to Bordeaux should take about two hours if it's a tgv direct train and a one-way standard ticket could cost between 20 to 60 Euro and a first class ticket could cost between 60 to 120 euros now to get to get more panels, you can take the metro station line, 4 6, 12 and 13.

now line.

Number four is the most Central one that a lot of you will probably take and it's a very long walk from the metro to the train station.

And there is no rer line that stops here.

Now, if you want to eat nearby, there are some great brasseries like Le, cupol and Le Dome to grab a great meal or inside, you have x-key like there's, a Starbucks and a couple of other places.

You can grab a bite to eat and outside you'll find a usual McDonald's and a mono pre.

And this is gabolion if you're going to the south of France Italy or Switzerland you'll be leaving from here.

Galileo is one of the main train station in Paris and serve destinations in the South and Southeast of France as well as International destination in Italy and Switzerland.

Now, the top domestic destinations from Galileo are Marseille nice.

And the top International destinations from Galileo in Italy is Milan, Tura and Rome.

And in Switzerland, the top Destin nations are Geneva and Zurich.

Now, a train ride to nice from Galileo on a tgv will take about four and a half hours.

And the journey is direct there's, no need to change train.

And a one-way standard class ticket will cost you between 40 to 80 Euro, depending on the booking date and time.

And a one-way first class ticket will cost you between 70 to 120 euros.

Now the train ride to Milan will typically take about five to six hours on a high-speed tgv train.

Now the cost for a one-way standard ticket to Milan is between 50 to 200 Euros.

And a one-way first class ticket will cost you between 80 to 300 Euros now to get together Leon.

She can take Metro station line 1 and 14 as well as rer line, a.

And this station is close to Le maren and Plaza La Bastille and across the river from Galveston.

Now, there's plenty to eat nearby inside you'll have bonjourney for coffee and breakfast.

You have La durian, McDonald, big sardino, which is Burgers there's, a Starbucks.

And there is a boulangerie.

And there is the famous Le trembler for fine dining.

Now, outside you'll find tons of cafes and Brasserie like the bistro legal Lindy, Cafe and ground control, which is a lifestyle mall and food truck style court with lots of cuisines.

This is Galveston if you're going in the Lower Valley you'll be living from here, looks like the smallest train station in Paris, the top domestic destination in galostel it's.

Now, a train ride from Paris delits to two typically takes about an hour and 30 minutes on a high-speed tgv train.

The journey is direct and there's.

No need to change trains.

Typically a one-way standard class ticket from osteli tsutu will cost you between 20 to 40 euros, depending on the booking date and time.

And a one-way first class ticket will cost you between 40 to 60 Euros nowitz is located very close to Jordan de plant and east of the Latin quarter to get there.

You can take Metro station line 5 and 10 as well as rer line, C and gallus delis is literally across the river from galdolo.

Now for food nearby there's, not much.

The gados deli is going through a huge renovation and there's not much inside outside out of a couple food stands.

And the same is true outside there's, not a lot of choices for restaurants to sit down and grab a bite to eat.

The Complete Guide to Taking High-Speed Trains from Paris (2024)


The Complete Guide to Taking High-Speed Trains from Paris? ›

The TGV train routes cover over 200 destinations in France alone, among the most popular ones, are the Paris to Avignon, Paris to Lyon, Paris to Nice, as well as Paris to Marseille.

Where do the high-speed trains go from Paris? ›

The TGV train routes cover over 200 destinations in France alone, among the most popular ones, are the Paris to Avignon, Paris to Lyon, Paris to Nice, as well as Paris to Marseille.

What is the difference between TGV and TGV INOUI? ›

TGV inOui trains are faster, more comfortable, with more services than Ouigo or even traditional TGVs. Seats are roomier, the Wifi and toilets are better, and services such as luggage porters and taxi reservations are available. Business Première class is even more comfortable.

What is the most scenic train route from Paris? ›

Paris to Lyon

The journey from Paris to Lyon by train is a spectacular one. The scenic train ride in France will take you through the heights of the French Alps, over the French-Swiss border, and through beautiful countryside, before depositing you in the Rhône valley near Lyon, one of the most famous cities in Europe.

What is the difference between first and second class on TGV? ›

Our high-speed trains offer multiple seating options: in 2nd class, choose side-by-side or facing seats. in 1st class, choose a single seat, 2 seats side by side, or a group of 4 facing seats.

What is the best train ride from Paris to Switzerland? ›

The fastest and most comfortable way to travel from Paris to Geneva is by taking the TGV Lyria high-speed train. This modern train will get you to your destination in only 3 hours and 5 minutes. For actual travel times, check out our timetable.

What is the most scenic train from Paris to Switzerland? ›

Choose a window seat, and if you ride in a double-decker TGV Lyria (AKA a TGV Lyria Euroduplex), choose a seat upstairs for even better views. The Paris to Geneva train is considered one of the most scenic high-speed train rides in France.

Is it better to sit upstairs or downstairs in TGV train? ›

On double-deck TGV Duplex, ask for an upper deck seat for the best views. Stairs to the upper deck are wide and easy so not a problem, only choose the lower deck if you have serious mobility impairment. There are toilets & luggage racks both upstairs and downstairs, the bar car & access between cars are upstairs.

Is Inoui or SNCF better? ›

INOUI TGV or OUIGO train: how to choose your TGV

On SNCF Connect, you can book two types of TGVs: INOUI or OUIGO TGV. TGV INOUI is a premium, more comfortable TGV offer, while OUIGO offers a single travel class and low prices.

Is food served on TGV trains? ›

The type of meal served depends on the time of travel: Breakfast: on trains departing between 6 am and 9:40 am. Lunch: on trains departing between 9:40 am and 12:30 pm. Afternoon snack: on trains departing between 12:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

What is the posh train to Paris? ›

The Venice Simplon-Oriënt-Express is one of the most famous luxury trains in the world. The train connects a number of European cities, such as London, Paris, Venice and Istanbul. The original carriages from 1920 have been carefully restored and bring you into another time with the comforts of ...

What is the best luxury train in France? ›

Le Grand Tour luxury train is a masterpiece of Belle Époque design.

What is the luxury train around France? ›

Le Grand Tour is a poetic and immersive luxury train journey where you will be able to escape into the French legend, therefore it is essential that on the final full day of your grand tour of France we stop at Le Puy du Fou.

How do I choose my seat on TGV? ›

Choose your seat with Seatmap

Would you rather select your seat before you board? Enter Seatmap, developed by SNCF to allow you to quickly view and select your seat when you book on line. Convenient and easy to use, Seatmap simplifies travel planning and makes your journey more comfortable.

Is 1st class on TGV worth it? ›

TGV comparison – First Class vs Second Class

With a First Class ticket, you'll receive access to the following benefits: Choice of seat preference (solo, duo, four people or a private cabin) More spacious and comfortable seats, with headrest and footrest. A power socket per passenger.

Do you get a meal on TGV first class? ›

Drinks/Snacks/Meals are normaly not included. To use first class on TGV services you need a first class Eurail pass or you buy a normal ticket. If you book via SNCF (online not possible) or via travel.

Where does TGV go direct from Paris? ›

TGV Lines. The TGV Méditerranée line connects Paris with the South and the Southeast of France, serving Lyon, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence and Marseille. For the Mediterranean coast, the TGV travels at a slower speed for Toulon, Cannes and Nice.

Is there a high-speed train from Paris to Germany? ›

Travelling by train from Paris to Frankfurt Main

Take the high-speed ICE train operated by Deutsche Bahn (DB), and you can enjoy free WiFi and comfy seating before being dropped off in the heart of Frankfurt.

How long is high-speed train from Paris to Amsterdam? ›

Train options for Paris to Amsterdam
TrainHigh-speed trainRegional train
Travel time3hr 20 minutes8hr 20 minutes
Seat reservationsMandatoryNot required
StationsParis Nord - Amsterdam CentraalParis Nord - Amsterdam Centraal

Is there a high-speed train from Paris to Normandy? ›

Eurostar is a high-speed train company operating in Europe, connecting the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany including trains to Normandy from Paris. It offers a range of services, including Eurostar e320, Eurostar e300, and Eurostar International.

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