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Easy to make and healthy to boot, these sweet potato recipesare delicious and perfect as side dishes or main dishes. These recipes are so tasty that if you are not a sweet potato lover, you will be soon. This super food is packed with nutrition and is one of the healthiest potatoes you can make! These recipes are quick so whether you are on the go or not, you can enjoy the benefits of sweet potatoes without sacrificing your time!

These sweet potato recipes include how to roast sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, chips, parmesan sweet potatoes, pie, casserole, muffins and more!

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Sweet Potato Recipes

1. Crispy and buttery on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside, these garlic butter smashed sweet potatoes with parmesan by Cafe Delites are calling my name. After you’ve cooked the potato you can simply smash it with a fork and add the seasonings, butter and parmesan.

2. For the perfect side dish, cubed sweet potatoes are coated in parmesan, garlic and italian seasonings. A yummy sweet and savory dish by Lil’ Luna!

3. A little bit of cinnamon and ginger make the perfect mashed sweet potatoes by Andie Mitchell.

4. Well Platednailed it with this cheesy scalloped potato recipe using both yukon gold potatoes and sweet potatoes.


5. A yummy sweet potato casserole topped with a crunchy pecan topping by Martha Stewart. Comfort food at it’s finest.

6.Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallow Gravy and Pecans by Wonky Wonderful. This is my little twist on a Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe. A simple and unbelievably delicious Thanksgiving side dish!


7. Wondering how to bake sweet potatoes quickly and easily? Live Simplyhas a quick recipe that slow roasts the sweet potatoes in the oven and only requires a pinch of salt and some olive oil.

8.Roasted sweet potatoes mixed with garlic, cumin, olive oil and tossed with red wine vinegar. A simple and unbelievably delicious side dish by The Food Charlatan!

9. This Crispy Roasted Rosemary Sweet Potato recipe by The Comfort of Cookingwill give even the first timers a delicious, fancy looking but easy potato side dish, with crispy skin and moist inside.

10. These homemade baked sweet potato chips by A Spicy Perspective are pretty impressive with only olive oil and salt. They’re a much healthier option to french fries or regular potato chips!


11. Baked and not fried these sweet potato fries by Center Cut Cookwill have you going back for seconds. They’re lightly seasoned in paprika, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Mmm!


12. Loaded with flavor you’ll never notice the absence of flour, sugar and oil in this healthy blender recipe by The Big Man’s World. Not only are they healthy they are naturally gluten free, vegan, sugar free, dairy free, and there’s a paleo version as well.


13. You’ll want to make room for sweet potato pie by Sally’s Baking Addiction your Thanksgiving table. The sweet potato filling is sweetened with dark brown sugar and seasoned with fall spices and is nestled in a buttery homemade pie crust.

14. Instead of a traditional pie try making mini hand held sweet pies by BuzzFeed.

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14 Easy Sweet Potato Recipes [Sweet & Savory] – Tip Junkie (17)

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14 Easy Sweet Potato Recipes [Sweet & Savory] – Tip Junkie (2024)
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